Zoom on Linux is TERRIBLE.


I use Zoom (as I suspect many people do).

Last I used Zoom in Novemeber/early December…

1) Joining meetings doesn't work half the time (in my case, waiting rooms are enabled). If I try to join, I literally get stuck and I never join. Then I have to leave, rejoin, and hope that I can be let in properly. It usually works the second time, but maybe not.

2) Joining breakout rooms doesn't work. Instead of joining the breakout room, Zoom on Linux has a MUCH better feature: kicking you out of the meeting (while it looks like you're still joining that breakout room for others in there) 😛

2a) Then, since the meetings I'm in are classes, if you try rejoining the meeting, you get to miss the entire class since the teacher is in a breakout room and can't see who's in the waiting room. Great design choice, Zoom!

2b) Oh, and if you manage to join a breakout room, Zoom will randomly decide to set your audio output volume to like 10%, so good look scrambling around wondering why your audio is randomly broken (hint: it's not Linux's fault).

3) Reactions literally don't exist. Hmm… so if someone does a reaction/your meeting is based around reactions, you won't be able to see it.

4) The styling is literally awful. Half the elements on my screen look poorly positioned and sometimes they overlap and the borders don't work.

Solution: install a Windows VM. Oh, and if you can't do that since you have a bad computer, you're screwed. Haha. The web version of Zoom doesn't work with microphones on Linux for some reason and even if you do get it to work, the latency is god-awful and your webcam will stream at a whopping 2fps.

So, because of 1) and 2) [especially the first], STOP SAYING ZOOM WORKS ON LINUX. It is a awful buggy mess and barely can keep itself together.

Also, Zoom? Please STOP telling me that Zoom "works" on Linux and add a disclaimer or something to your website that you ship an unstable piece of garbage to your third-class Linux users.

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