You can now save your Plasma configuration in an instant!


I made a program named 'consave' which will let you save your current KDE Plasma customization and switch to another in an instant! I know you can already do that with the help of Plasma Customization Saver, but it is slow and doesn't save the GTK theme. Consave is a CLI based tool made with python which will save all configuration files in an instant. It creates different "profiles" and will load them whenever you ask it to! Here's the GitHub link:

Consave (Save Plasma Customization)

A CLI program that will let you save and apply your KDE Plasma customizations with just one command!



There are no dependencies! Just make sure your python version is above 3.8.


  • Clone This repo
    git clone ~/Downloads/consave
  • Make it executable
    cd ~/Downloads/consave sudo chmod +x ./
  • Install


Get Help

consave -h

Save current configuration as a profile

consave -s

List all profiles

consave -l

Remove a profile

consave -r

Apply a profile

consave -a
You may need to log out and log in to see all the changes.


You can contribute by reporting issues or fixing bugs!


This project uses GNU General Public License 3.0

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