With Windows 11 having so many issues do you think Linux could actually be a suggestion for those who aren’t familiar?


Hi there I've been using windows for as long as i have lived but recently have been exploring the new world of Linux. Currently using manjaro Linux but my question is for the community here. Do you think if Microsoft can't get it together if more and more people will flock over to Linux or do you think that Linux is never going to take off as much as people think. All opinions accepted I'm just curious because I notice a huge performance uplift and less clunky bloatware. I went from a i7-8700k to a 3900x and windows still makes it feel super slow. Switching to Linux really changed my perspective on pc computing. Is the Spyware and bloatware of windows 11 going to get people to convert over to Linux so that way gaming is more focused on over here as well as windows for those who choose to.

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