Why is there no Linux district for printers, given how horrible they are?


The entire printer industry is filled with anti-consumer scams like:

  • If one color of ink is out, you gotta replace them all.

  • If an ink cartridge is mostly empty but still has like 20% left it’ll be considered empty and need replacement.

  • If your ink is out, scanning and other functions are disabled.

Just to make a few. These are all software controlled limitations, not actual limitations with how printers should function.

Why has nobody had the idea to put their own software into their printer so bypass these scams? It would be amazing to be able to install some Linux-based “PrinterOS” or something to take back control of your printer. Why is this not a thing?

I’ve seen people put Linux on fridges and other devices as a joke, why not do that with something useful?

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