Why do you think Linux Torvalds is not as appreciated as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs when it comes to people who changed computing?


Come to think of it, I think the invention of the Linux kernel has definitely changed the world.

On the desktop market, Linux-based systems constitute less than 3% of users. But that number is likely to be significantly higher if you take into account the people who actually care about computing in any capacity. It would rise by at least three times, I reckon, if more games had native Linux support.

Now, on the mobile market, Linux-based systems are installed on around half the phones in the world.

Most servers running the Internet are using a system based on the Linux kernel.

How come Linux Torvalds is not as widely recognized as Jobs or Gates? He's arguably done more than them, and that's without creating a gigantic chain of proprietary software/hardware to flood the market.

Why do you think that's the case? Shouldn't he be at least as well recognized as them?

What do you think?

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