Why do unis insist on using Microsoft Services?


I worked in a couple of start ups before coming back to academia. I am a biologist, so no real background in computer science either. I have however had to use Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint as my workstation OS's. Windows was only used for analytical equipment as the software often needs Windows (some supply software for Linux as well, mind you!)

I realised that my uni pays huge sums in yearly subscription for basically the MS office suite which can easily be replaced by Libre-Office and an in-house email server. When I came to uni with my Linux machine, I basically couldn't connect to email (as thunderbird doesn't handshake very well with the new outlook settings) and Teams always gives trouble. For every MS software or service the uni uses, a FOSS alternative with equal ease of use exists.

Seeing that underaged students study here and their data gets peddled to corporations to serve advertisements, I am surprised that uni's and these corporations don't get sued under child protection schemes.

Am I missing something? Why do uni's insist spending money (student fees money) on software when a free and stable alternative exists?

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