whm: A WiFi Heat Map Generator showing the coverage of WiFi across multiple access points including signal strength and throughput.


Was frustrated with the Open Source and Paid options available and needed something which can benchmark coverage of WiFi across multiple access points.

What is whm?

Copy pasting from the README. whm also known as wifi-heat-mapper is a Python library for benchmarking Wi-Fi networks and gather useful metrics that can be converted into meaningful easy-to-understand heatmaps. The tool aims to assist network engineers, admins and homelabbers in figuring out the performance of their Access Points and Routers.

GUI for marking and benchmarking points.

How to use it?

$ pip install whm

Currently only supports Linux x86_64 distros

You need to have tkinter installed on your Linux distro instructions for which are available on the GitHub repo

You may access the repo here


Examples are provided here


Let me know what you guys think.

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