Where is Fedora’s online presence in Linux desktop communities?


Whenever the topic of Linux desktop comes up, you always have a few deb distros recommended (Ubuntu, Pop!_OS, Mint, etc) and some arch distros (Mainly Manjaro). However, you have the entire RPM ecosystem, and thus Fedora, completely ignored, which I think may be the best approach for new users.

Why do I think this? Let's see what Fedora offers.

Mainline Fedora is a workstation distro that prioritizes both Stability and up to date packages. It's super stable, updates are a breeze, and DNF will never break your system. Upgrading your release is stress-free compared to Ubuntu-based distros, even to the point where I upgraded a system by 10 releases at once (going in increments of 2), with the final system being rock solid and stable. And if it goes wrong, rolling back is also stress-free. And of course, it's backed by a massive company.

And we also need to mention Fedora Silverblue, which is, in my opinion, the best distro for those who aren't tech-savvy at all. The root file system is mounted as RO, with packages handled by flatpak (or rpm-ostree if the package isn't in flatpak). This makes it pretty much impossible for the user to get their machine in a state where it will not boot. It even has a very good KDE spin, if GNOME isn't your thing.

That's my spiel for Fedora. Am I missing something? Why does it seem almost forgotten when it comes to casual linux desktop?

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