What do you guys use virtual desktops for?


Hey guys, I recently switched to using Linux full-time, and something I've noticed is how a lot of DE's put a focus on virtual desktops. Specifically, I think of how a VD switcher is on the taskbar in default in XFCE, but there's some good customization for them in KDE and GNOME as well from what I've seen.

I've just wondered, what the usecases are for them? When I first switched to Windows 10 from 7, I noticed the feature, and found it novel, but didn't pay it much mind. But coming to Linux, I see it a lot more fleshed out on most DE's than it was in Windows, and I just can't really see what setup I would have where I would use them. So I want to ask, how you guys use them, and if you suggest trying to implement them myself to improve workflow or anything.

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