What are your thoughts if this malware attack happened to a Linux based IT system instead of Windows?


I read an article in the NY times about Microsoft responding to malware that was spreading through Ukraine computers after Russia invaded. Due to the paywall here's a quick recap:

  • The Microsoft threat center saw that a virus was spreading through Ukraine systems and was wiping their data
  • After three hours they updated their "detection systems" (I'm assuming they mean Microsoft Defender), and blocked the code from infecting more computers

Now I know we can all joke about Windows being more prone to viruses, but all code is susceptible to malicious attacks. So this made me wonder how this would have played out if Ukraine were using Linux and were instead attacked by a Linux equivalent virus.

I realize there are Linux enterprise organizations like RedHat and SUSE, and I know one of their services is to help with security, but do they actively monitor for malware attacks on a client and would they be able to push a fix so quickly? Or would the virus spread and wipe all the data from the Ukrainian computers before anything could be done?

In my opinion Linux has an edge over Windows when it comes to security, and I think most on this sub would agree with me. But when it comes to this one very weird edge case, does Windows have the edge? Curious to hear others people's thoughts.

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