We are Rocky Linux, AMA!


We're the team behind Rocky Linux. Rocky Linux is an Enterprise Linux distribution that is bug-for-bug compatible with RHEL, created after CentOS's change of direction in December of 2020. It's been an exciting few months since our first stable release in June. We're thrilled to be hosted by the /r/linux community for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview!

With us today:

/u/mustafa-rockylinux, Mustafa Gezen, Release Engineering

/u/nazunalika, Louis Abel, Release Engineering

/u/NeilHanlon, Neil Hanlon, Infrastructure

/u/sherif-rockylinux, Sherif Nagy, Release Engineering

/u/realgmk, Gregory Kurtzer, Executive Director

/u/ressonix, Michael Kinder, Web

/u/rfelsburg-rockylinux, Robert Felsburg, Security

/u/skip77, Skip Grube, Release Engineering

/u/sspencerwire, Steven Spencer, Documentation

/u/tcooper-rockylinux, Trevor Cooper, Testing

/u/tgmux, Taylor Goodwill, Infrastructure

/u/whnz, Brian Clemens, Project Manager

/u/wsoyinka, Wale Soyinka, Documentation

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