Warning: Linux 5.10 has a 500% to 2000% BTRFS performance regression!


as a long time btrfs user I noticed some some of my daily Linux development tasks became very slow w/ kernel 5.10:


I found a very simple test case, namely extracting a huge tarball like: tar xf firefox-84.0.source.tar.zst On my external, USB3 SSD on a Ryzen 5950x this went from ~15s w/ 5.9 to nearly 5 minutes in 5.10, or an 2000% increase! To rule out USB or file system fragmentation, I also tested a brand new, previously unused 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, with a similar, albeit not as shocking regression from 5.2s to a whopping~34 seconds or ~650% in 5.10 :-/

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