Unable to use Optimus Hybrid Graphics on Pop OS 20.04 LTS


New user here trying to switch from Windows 10 to Linux (not experienced or advanced user)

When I select NVIDIA or Hybrid Graphics on the drop down menu it says that is preparing to switch, than asks to restart. When Im back to the OS the options of gphx cards disappear and it recognizes only my primary card.

So I restart, enter on my MOBO options and under video the Optimus option just disappear. Then I exit and reopen the MOBO options, then the Optimus is there but disabled. Then i re-enable it, exit, reload the OS and then the card options are again there, but its again on Integrated graphics. Then I repeat the process and everything happen again like described.

I'm able to use it on Windows, but not on Pop OS. Also I've installed Ubuntu before and Hybrid Graphics was working normally. I just switched to Pop OS because I was facing a crazy bug with installing apps using .deb (it installed, but icon was pixelated, dont showed on installed apps list and could not uninstall, i think its something related with snap, IDK).

Any idea about what could be happening?

ps: When I open the NVIDIA X Server Settings its just empty

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