Ubuntu Desktop – Am I the problem?


I've tried using Ubuntu Desktop for many many years and have always had issues that push me to other distributions. This time around it was that my "Software Center" wouldn't work. I had to install gnome-software, update the regular software center from there, and then I was able to open it. Wtf?

I had an Arch installation that was the best, most error-free experience I've had. I stopped using it because I wanted to use a more "corporate" distro and felt like I may have been unknowingly making myself less secure. Finally, I've found myself on Fedora and have been having a world-class experience so far – but the mystery of Ubuntu always being a buggy mess for me still bothers me.

Does everyone else have issues with Ubuntu desktop? Is it just me, and all the various hardware I've had over the years? It's also not just Gnome that does it to me – it's any flavor of Ubuntu I try.

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