Tip: Do NOT install Linux on a Lenovo C930 Glass. My journey with the thing.


I've been fighting with this thing for a month. It's possible to get partially working, but it may also be an example of how some manufacturers really don't want you to have options. So, imitating Gary Sims, "Lemee explain."

First off, the BIOS is wierd. Lenovo already has this wierd thing where you have to hold down Fn while pressing the power button to get a boot menu. Ok, fine, eventually that gets found and figured out. Besides, the hardware is pretty nice, audio is great, webcam with a sliding cover instead of tape, touchscreen, worth a little effort, right?

Little, hah.

Next thing you find out is thaty the device is very picky about what it'll boot to. MBR Ventoy won't work. YOu have to use a UEFI/GPT Ventoy, or an MBR Yumi. Or just use Rufus or a similar tool to set it up. Ok, back to the Windows machine to re-burn a new USB stick, allrighty. Can't be much more to go wrong, right?


Ok, so we're into a Linux. Not gonna broadcast which one but I'm sure it can be guessed. But it's not the point of the story. There's no audio. Off to Google I go…audio is only "partially supported." Well, not the end of the world…but it's supposed to work on install. Oh wait, not anymore, Google says now…there's a few additional config files that need to be created to force it to detect. Ok, good enough….but that's only the L and R channels. Center channel is enabled through a different workaround, which had to be installed from a specific repo. Ok fine. And no subwoofer anymore. Sound is a little tinny because of that but it still sounds OK. I guess maybe I can put up with it, I haven't thrown it through the window yet. So we're good, right?


The webcam. It supposedly works 100%. And it does…sort of. As long as you're not using anything Chrome-based. For some reason Chrome, Edge, Chromium, and anything Electron-based can only see the webcam when, get this, the laptop is plugged into a USB-C docking station. Unplug the dock, and it goes away. Oops. So I try a different distro (different based one too). Same deal. No one can figure out why. Except maybe Lenovo. Who doesn't care.

So, the solution? Go back to my Windows machine, burn a non-Ventoy USB Windows boot, reinstall Windows, and pawn the machine off on a family member who will never use Linux.

Save yourself from pulling out giant patches of hair. If you see one of these things, walk right past it.

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