TIL that you can’t use microsoft’s new python language server on unofficial builds of visual studio code.


Basically the title.

Vent ahead

I was trying out VS Code for using the python, but was not able to install Pylance language server. It does not show any error or warning, when you change from the default language server (jedi) it just sits there.

So after digging a little bit I found this.

Not sad just a little disappointed. I mainly use vim with a language server protocol client like coc.nvim but they recently archived coc-python and recommends using coc-pyright. It's alright but the completion is not as good as microsoft's initial language server mpls, can't really complain pyright is a type checker which it does quite well and jedi usually lags a lot on large project and modules.


This just an internet stranger's vent, if you want a more detailed discussion see this thread from two months ago.

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