TIL: Gnome’s most famous extensions, ‘Dash to Panel’ and ‘Arc Menu’ are forks of ZorinOS’ Zorin Menu and Zorin Taskbar


In the past, I've heard a lot of people say ZorinOS interface is not original and that they just fork stuff and hacked Ubuntu to be ZorinOS but that's not the case.

Zorin Menu and Zorin Taskbar were 100% original extensions developed by Artyom for the ZorinOS and Dash to Panel and Arc Menu are forks of these 2 extensions developed by Zorin. Later Arc Menu and Dash to Panel got a lot more popular and a cyclic contribution started between Arc Menu and Zorin Menu.

To learn that Gnome wouldn't have had a taskbar or start menu if not for ZorinOS is kinda mind blowing.

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