The state of partition drivers on macOS and Windows is an embarrassment (for them!)


A year ago, I switched full time to Linux though I still boot macOS and Windows from time to time. The lack of support for competing disk formats is shocking in today's connected world.

Mac won't even see ext4 and helpfully offers to reformat the partition. It also can't write to NTFS.

Windows won't read or write to either HFS or ext4.

Of course, Linux handles them all, including writing to HFS+ if you want to assume a little risk.

Should I really have to dish out a few hundred bucks for commercial drivers in this day and age??

While I respect the work done on FOSS projects like fuse-ext2 and ntfs-3g, since MacOS 10.12, I can't get either to build/work.

It reminds of the days when a Mac wouldn't play a WAV and Windows wouldn't play an AIFF – and those two OSes still don't share any video codecs.

It's an embarrassment and makes me only want to redouble my efforts to get them both out of my life.

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