The Linux community is growing – and not just in numbers


It's not been fun for us in the Linux community recently. LTT has a huge audience, and when he's having big problems with Linux that has a big impact! Seeing the videos shared on places like r/linux and /r/linux_gaming I've been a bit apprehensive. Especially now with the last video. How would we react as a community?

After reading quite a lot of comments I'm relieved and happy. I have to say that the response to this whole thing gives me a lot of hope!

It would be very easy to just talk about everything Linus should've done different, lay all the blame on him and become angry. But that's not been the main focus at all. Unfortunately there's been some unpleasant comments and reactions in the wake of the whole Pop!_OS debacle, but that's mostly been dealt with very well, with the post about it being among the top posts this week.

What I've seen is humility, a willingness to talk openly and truthfully about where we have things to learn, and calls for more types of people with different perspectives to be included and listened to – not just hard core coders and life long Linux users.

As someone who sees Linux and FLOSS as a hugely important thing for the freedom and privacy, and thus of democracy, for everyone – that is, much like vaccines I'm not safe if only I do it, we need a critical mass of people to do it – this has been very encouraging!

I've been a part of this community for 15 years, and I feel like this would not be how something like this would've been handled just a few years ago.

I think we're growing, not just in the number of people, but as people! And that – even when facing big challenges like we are right now – can only be good!

So I just wanted to say thank you! And keep learning and growing!

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