t2 Linux 21.4 “Fully Automated” release for 15 CPU architectures, from ARM, to RISCV, incl. Alpha, IA64, MIPS and SPARC


Today the T2 Project released version 21.4, with the largest amount of pre- and cross-compiled set of architectures so far: a total of 15 architectures: x86-64, x86, arm64, arm, riscv64, riscv, ppc64le, ppc64-32, ppc sparc64, mips64, mipsel, hppa, m68k, alpha & ia64! https://t2sde.org
As usually most packages are up-to-date, with 1294 change-sets, 1179 updates, and 120 fixes, including Linux 5.11.16, GCC 10.3, LLVM/Clang 12, as well as the latest version of Rust, X.org, Mesa, KDE and GNOME 40!

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