Stop using social media (such as reddit) or your usage of social media spreads misinformation, even if you don’t share misinformation yourself


Linus June 2021 –

Get vaccinated. Stop believing the anti-vax lies.

And if you insist on believing in the crazy conspiracy theories, at least SHUT THE HELL UP about it on Linux kernel discussion lists.

We're at yet another reddit blackout ran by moderators, this time because of Covid Misinformation on reddit. This is obviously a big problem and the above from Linus states what r/linux moderators feel about on Covid. There is an issue to address with reddit, though, as these blackouts are not a way to work with admins. Other reddit moderators don't seem to want to change how they enable the poor quality job the admins are doing. These blackouts come up here and there, but mods go right back to normal after the admins take the least amount of effort to appease the base. Reddit continues to profit from misinformation, clear copyright infringement, flamewars, and more, all the while making empty promises on design (r/ProCSS anyone?) or on reddit moderation tools.

We don't see a point in joining other moderators on any blackout protests going forward. They do not have real pressure on admins. It will be business as usual come next week. Instead, we ask that you encourage others to the use of reddit alternatives. There are numerous, but we've linked some top communities for linux here, and is not complete: It's not hard to say goodbye to reddit: Tell users to sign up on a different site and submit reddit link submissions only be to that website (although, that isn't allowed on r/linux, it can go as a comment). Do it gradually, or make it a hard cutover. Many of us remember coming from Digg when that company didn't take user feedback. It's long past due time that reddit get the same treatment.

reddit stopped being (partially) open source a long time ago. Linux users can and should find a better home. Ideally, stay away from social media oriented websites like Facebook and reddit and use a tech focused site.

As stated above, Covid talk on r/linux isn't on topic. Use the blackout megathread if you must address it.

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