Steam Hardware Survey for December 2020


First off i would like to say happy new year that I hope you guys are as crazy as I am about the long awaited sequel to 2020, 2020-II:Electric Boogaloo.

If you happen to be greek i hope you won this year's Vasilopita 🙂

Now let's get on with the survey:


Interesting things happened in the OS and Language space, It seems like the chinese Steam client launched because people who use the language of Simplified Chinese are up, and now it seems people in china have taken the top spot.

Simplified Chinese 47.18% +30.22%
English 25.63% -16.23%

With that we got a crazy user increase on Windows… 7 ?!

Windows 10 64 bit 69.40% -19.88%
Windows 7 64 bit 26.74% +22.35%

Of course that means that linux percentage got down considerably.

Linux 0.57% -0.33%
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS 64 bit 0.14% -0.07%
"Arch Linux" 64 bit 0.06% -0.04%
"Manjaro Linux" 64 bit 0.06% -0.04%

Does that mean that over all less people are playing on linux? Probably not, however it is interesting to see the affect china has had on the store. Maybe there isn't a Chinese client available for Deepin Linux or linux users of china in general.

Steam does not seem to provide the raw numbers and instead provides just percentages.

More in depth linux stuff


  • There are more Arch users using Steam than Manjaro users using Steam
  • Most popular distro for steam users is *drum roll* "other" with 53.23% using it.
  • AMD is slowly overtaking Intel though honestly that is global.
  • 1920x1080p is still on top and will stay on top even though 1920x1200p and 16:10 is frankly better.
  • Radeon RX480 is on top but going down. I cant see what is on the second entry because it seems to be broken.
  • Networking speed and Microphones seem to be broken(Globally). And Valve should fix that.
  • Users of Simplified Chinese are at 0.82%. So either chinese users do not use linux, OR there is no readily available chinese client.

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