Some thoughts on Ubuntu 22.04


I have recently installed the Ubuntu 22.04 beta on my home desktop PC. I figured I make a post here about some of my (positive!) experiences, since it seems Ubuntu gets hated on a lot here.

This is the first release of Ubuntu since 16.04 that got me excited and I think is on the right track (snap notwithstanding). At about Fedora 33 I moved over there, since the underlying philosophy and relelease/update cycle of Fedora is more appealing to me, but I am seriously considering staying on 22.04 in the foreseeable future.

The things I like are actually fairly small – polishing-related – things which were completely absent from Ubuntu since they moved to Gnome Shell.

I have always thought their implementation of Gnome was bad, because Dash to Dock (DTD from now on) suffered from a myriad of issues. Pushing around UI elements, resulting in visual inconsistencies that ruined the famed consistency of Gnome, performance issues especially in autohide mode etc.

For the first time, DTD works perfectly in all configurations I have tried. It has been adjusted such that UI elements stay in "appropriate places" and I can set it to be on the bottom of the screen as an autohiding dock and the overview animation doesn't drop a single frame.

Moreover, all this can be controlled now properly from the Settings without having to screw around with dconf entries.

The shell is snappier and more performant than ever. I dunno if its that triple buffering patch or whatever that they merged ahead of upstream, but I have never ever seen the shell this smooth.

Snaps are still there which might irk some people, but honestly, removing snap-store, installing gnome software with the flatpak and snap plugins and enabling flathub takes care of it. I still use some snaps like Spotify, but I get the rest of my "universal" apps from flathub like I did on Fedora.

You can change accent colours now, right from the Settings app.

Of course I am aware that all these (except for the super smooth Gnome Shell) are small polishing stuff that competent users can change on their own, and there are still some minor issues (there is an ugly default Qt theme and one has to manually install and change Qt styles to make it match with Yaru), but this is the first time in a very very long time that I feel an Ubuntu desktop got the "basic" polishing and consistency it deserves, and this is definitely the first time I feel Ubuntu's implementation of Gnome is actually better than upstream.

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