Some of my boot times during fall of 2021 (best was 805ms, worst 962ms)


My hobby: compiling custom kernels and optimizing boot times on my main Linux rig (old Haswell Core i5, SATA-III SSD, openSUSE 15.2 on ext4).

Since about 8 years ago, when SuSE switched to systemd, it rekindled my interest in the startup process from BIOS/Grub/early boot all the way to KDE-Plasma and networking.

During that time, I've learned how to make my initrd-less kernels do all the things I need, and how to avoid superfluous stuff like Wifi, btrfs, Bluetooth, Plymouth, Networkmanager, wicked, KDE-PIM, fast file indexing an other bloat. It's been fun so far.

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