Shotcut Video Editor Gets Multi-Threading for All Implicit Video Scaling and Some Video Filters

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Now backed by the latest and greatest FFmpeg 5.0 open-source multimedia framework, Shotcut 22.03.30 adds multi-threading support for all implicit video scaling, as well as for various video filters, including Blur: Box, Blur: Gaussian, Color Grading, Invert Colors, Mask: From File, Old Film: Grain, Old Film: Scratches, Old Film: Technocolor, Reflect, Sepia, Sketch, Spot Remover, Threshold, Vignette, and Wave.

Shotcut 22.03.30 also adds the ability to reorder tracks by dragging and dropping a track header, adds a new Color Range feature under Export > Advanced > Video, adds a “Convert to Edit-friendly” option when opening an HDV video file, adds a Record Audio button to the Timeline toolbar, and adds a new audio filter called Stereo Enhancer.

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