ROCm OpenCL library for AMD GPUs now no longer supports GUI apps


Have a longstanding bug report in over at ROCm support on problems they have running with Blender and Davinci Resolve. Well, that's fixed! By saying they no longer support GUI apps and only headless environments on systems performing "raw compute".

I know people like AMD because they've supported open source. But getting their GPU hardware to do real work is exceptionally difficult. And THIS is an example of why the company and its partners aren't serious about Linux as a platform.

EDIT: Just to formally cite, here it is in their official Github docs, which were updated to reflect this new policy within the last few hours.

Hardware and Software Support

ROCm is focused on using AMD GPUs to accelerate computational tasks such as machine learning, engineering workloads, and scientific computing. In order to focus our development efforts on these domains of interest, ROCm supports a targeted set of hardware configurations which are detailed further in this section.

Note: The AMD ROCm™ open software platform is a compute stack for headless system deployments. GUI-based software applications are currently not supported.

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