RIP Ian Murdock, Debian founder


This is kind of an unusual post, but I wanted to share my experience of crossing paths with Ian. Edit: he died back in 2015. He purchased a piece of mine at an art show in Indy, where we both lived, maybe around 2003-5. I'm bad with dates. Later, he contacted me to commission a piece of art — a rendition of a "Linux family tree" he had conceived of. I went to his place in downtown Indy to talk it over. He surprised me slightly by showing me the mockup on a Mac! It was kind of funny. I was familiar w Linux at the time and I had planned to do the piece, which he was going to get posters made of. He assured me we could sell 10K of them! That would have been great but my personal problems and the challenges of the project got in the way. It was most interesting to meet him though, and his death really gave me pause. I was left wondering whether his victimization at the hands of the SF police, and his stayed commitment to make it known, had something to do with it. Suicide was the given cause of his passing, but was that really the case? Perhaps it was, and in any case I mean no disrespect. Having met him was really cool, and I'll always wish I had tried harder to make good on the commission. He was an intense dude. RIP Ian. I'd love to hear from anyone who knew him or interacted with him online or otherwise. Any memories.

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