RHEL, CentOS and their clones: the best alternatives

Linux Tux

We have been telling you for a long time that Red Hat’s decision to turn CentOS into a rolling release distribution had established itself in the community. What for many years had been the free alternative of reference to what RHEL offered, suddenly changed its philosophy, and many companies, which had relied on CentOS for all kinds of projects, found themselves in the “gap” of, in the medium term, look for alternatives.

This situation was widely echoed by our MuyLinux colleagues, who a few months ago recommended us some interesting alternatives for companies, citing in this field distributions such as SUSE Linux Enterprise, Ubuntu, Debian, or even RHEL itself (“mother” of CentOS) as Red Hat decided to make it a free distribution for any production environment with fewer than 16 machines.

During this period of time, the number of forks and clones of RHEL itself have also multiplied, with the aim of recovering that spirit of CentOS that had worked so well in recent years. Here are the most interesting.

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