Reddit Admin change on deleted posts by user/mods. Also: Reporting posts, general privacy, and you


Hello everyone,

We want to highlight a recent change by reddit admins:

What this means:

Now when users and mods remove posts, the post will become completely inaccessible.* Previously, if you knew the link you could still view the post and most comments that were not removed or deleted. This is a good thing for users that choose to delete their posts, but when a mod removes a post we know that sometimes users like to continue the discussion which is fine if the post isn't locked. Other examples are sometimes a user deletes a helpful post but the comments are also still relevant, and now that content will be lost, so we can no longer reliably link to reddit posts from users for documentation purposes.

So please, remember that users delete their posts often, it's not always the mods that remove things. Please keep that in mind when you come across a post that no longer exists.

Don't like this change? You can let the admins know in the link above, we have no control over it. You may consider running an Archive Warrior container and help backup the internet. It's as easy as running a Docker container!

*there's various thresholds with mysterious reasoning to when the post actually becomes inaccessible – please see the admins post that (doesn't) explain further

Reporting posts

We have a limit on the number of reports a post can receive before it is automatically send it to the modqueue for review. I wanted to highlight this because while we get a lot of reports, they don't usually hit this threshold which is quite low for a community of 660k. This is in place because non-mods can effectively do moderating by using the report feature. In fact, when I see a post is one report away from the threshold, I submit a (relevant) report that triggers the automod modqueue review. This is the closest you can get to a no-mod experience that some users fantasize about, so use the reports!

This of course means a post that is sent in the modqueue will become inaccessible until a mod reviews it, and many times a popular post can get enough reports by just sheer volume. We adjust the number of reports needed to trigger as the sub grows.

Wiping Reddit Comments.

We highly recommend everyone wipe their reddit comments and posts on a regular basis, especially if the admins are going to use it to ruin historical content of reddit. Here are some options, many have methods for you to restrict which subs to run on, ignore if your comment is mod distinguished, and set time limits:

Please be aware the admins added edit restrictions which may affect you if you choose to edit before deleting – a common but largely unneeded practice, in fact editing usually causes more problems. The above tools may or may not be updated as this is a recent change.

Other reddit tips

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