[RANT?]Some issues that make Linux based operating systems difficult to use for Asian countries.


This is not a support post of any kind. I just thought this would be a great place to discuss this online. If there is a better forum to discuss this type of issue please feel free to point me in the right direction. This has been an issue for a long time and it needs to fixed.

Despite using Linux for the past two or so years, if there was one thing that made the transition difficult(and still difficult to use now) is Asian character input. I'm Korean, so I often have to use two input sources, both Korean and English. On Windows or macOS, this is incredibly easy.

I choose both the English and Korean input options during install setup or open system settings and install additional input methods.

Most Linux distributions I've encountered make this difficult or impossible to do. They almost always don't provide Asian character input during the installer to allow Asian user names and device names or make it rather difficult to install new input methods after installation.

The best implementation I've seen so far is Ubuntu(gnome and anaconda installer in general). While it does not allow uses to have non-Latin characters or install Asian input methods during installation, It makes it easy to install additional input methods directly from the settings application. Gnome also directly integrates Ibus into the desktop environment making it easy to use and switch between different languages.

KDE-based distributions on the other hand have been the worst. Not only can the installer(generally Calamaries) not allow non-Latin user names, it can't install multiple input methods during OS installation. KDE specifically has very little integration for Ibus input as well. Users have to install ibus-preferences separately from the package manager, install the correct ibus-package from the package manager, and manually edit enable ibus to run after startup. Additionally, most KDE apps seem to need manual intervention to take in Asian input aswell. Unlike the "just works" experience from Gnome, windows, or macOS.

These minor to major issues with input languages makes Linux operating systems quite frustrating to use for many Asians and not-Latin speaking countries. Hopefully, we can get these issues fixed for some distributions. Thanks, for coming to my ted talk.

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