Rant about not being able to use Linux at work



I work as a programmer at some company and am currently facing one of the worst and most stressful situations I've ever dealt in my career.

My job gives everyone a Mac to work with, I'm a long time Linux user myself. OK, I said, let's do this anyway.

Now the company requires I install their apps with their standard installation method (using Docker). I cannot get for the life of me to get that thing to work, it's been like two weeks since I've been trying and the build method always fails at some point, I have requested help from my coworkers and all attempts were unsuccessful.

Today one of the coworkers admitted he also can't get it to work, another called the build system a "mess", I have tried to do the installation of said app on my Linux machine (using a VM) and in just one day I could get it to work.

I have asked management several times now if I could use a Linux machine or just a VM on the Mac and they have denied my request several times, it would be even in their advantage for me to do so but they still won't allow it.

The manager told me "it's not my fault" while telling me "good developers work with any OS", but I tell him "good developers know how to pick the right tools for the job".

I noticed that others have made the request to use Linux at this company because they have a #Linux channel on their Slack, but all those people who demanded Linux have left the company, I asked if they were fired or quit, according to one coworker they have quit.

Anyway, this just goes to show that working for some people sometimes suck and Linux makes a great development platform unlike some other OSes.

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