r/linux hits 400,000 subscribers!


We’ve just hit 400,000 subscribers!

GNU/Linux is growing more and more every day and in late April of last year r/linux hit the 300k mark. In about 14 months we grew by 100,000 people!

GNU/Linux is an operating system that gives you control. r/linux users prefer our Operating System not just for its reliability and openness but also for respecting our privacy. This is all thanks to countless hours of efforts by many GNU/Linux contributors!

Please consider donating to the Free Software Foundation, GNOME, KDE, or the many other GNU/Linux projects to help continue the growth of Linux. You can find more projects over on Liberapay, open collective, or let us know your favorite projects in the comments below!

r/linux is far from the only GNU/Linux community on reddit. /r/linux_gaming is the biggest specific use case Linux subreddit, /r/linuxquestions and /r/linux4noobs are always helping people sort out their problems, and more than likely your distro of choice has it's own subreddit which you can find an ever-expanding list over at the wiki.

Many projects over the years have helped Linux users make the switch. Wine is a well known project that helps users run Windows programs without having to use Windows at all. Many years of hard work have went into Wine and you can help by donating here. Without Wine, recent developments that have helped GNU/Linux adoption such as Valve's Steam Play changes which have allowed many Windows games to function on GNU/Linux at the click of a button on Steam. Not alone in this endeavor there are other options such as Lutris and to get more help users can checkout the community at /r/linux_gaming which recently hit 100,000 subscribers.

Windows has shipped a full Linux Kernel available for installation to all Windows users. We recommend users of this feature to check out the subreddit r/bashonubuntuonwindows!

Some of my favorite personal moments of the last year are the AMAs. Check out some recent ones but you can find the full list on the ama wiki

To the devs out there: Keep in mind that we have custom flair for you as well as we would like to host your AMAs. Modmail us to get flair if you have an established project (should be in a few distro repo’s and a popular following) and to get started on doing an AMA.

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