PSA: Patreon’s fee structure changes tomorrow. I made a calculator to show how much of your donations go to fees.


Hi! Patreon is updating their fee structure tomorrow, and I wanted to take the chance to help people understand the changes. A great many open source projects depend on Patreon for income, including myself. There's a list from an earlier /r/linux post here:

I built a fee calculator which will help you figure out the breakdown of your donations, including payment processing and Patreon's cut, before and after the changes:

Because Patreon is a commercial, proprietary product, backed by venture capital, it's important to remember that they extract a bottom line from the flow of money between you and the projects you support. Alternatives include Libreapay and my own fosspay project.

tl;dr: old patreon creators are keeping their old fees (and the calculator will tell you how those work too), but Patreon is taking a bigger cut for new creators. They're also not batching payments anymore for new creators.

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