Pretty Cool Day…


I've been wanting to try out linux for awhile. I posted here a while back asking for advice on what new laptop to buy. But, as things normally go, things happened and I was never able to really commit to making the purchase for a new linux laptop. After doing some cleaning around our basement, I found an older HP Pavilion Laptop I purchased about 7 years ago. I was getting ready to find a place to recycle it but found a YouTube video about how to convert a windows computer to a linux. In about 2 hours after doing more research, I have Debian running with Gnome Desktop Environment and it's awesome! I read that this isn't a good beginner distro but I feel like I'm pretty decent with computers and I have been managing just fine. Currently learning from a Udemy Course "Master the Linux Command Line in 11.5 hours". It has been fun so far. I have really enjoyed feeling more in control of the computer so far and just wanted to pass along the good vibes. I've been reading some of the community posts about other good resources to learn and I'm just really having a good time!


Thanks so much for the warm welcome and all the helpful tips/advice from everyone so far!

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