Personal success.


I have bean working for this company for 6 years now as Chief systems/network/dba administrator and when I started I was a newcomer technician and at my previous job I was an assistant in the IT department.

After 5 months at the new place the chief sysadmin quid and as there was no one to do his job everyone started to fill in some how. A month later I got a promotion offer (for the same salary). Of course I accepted it. At this time I new that much that Linux is better than Windows 2003 or even Win 2k (our mail server at the time) so I started lerning Linux despite of the fact that all the infrastructure was built on Windows and it seamed like our IT manager was strongly against Linux.

Now 6 years later we have a 2 to 3 linux to Windows server ratio, mail, storage, VPN, webservers, docker, ect… (Windows runs AD and some old medical servers that don't run on Linux)

I'm a little proud that I could show the path of FOSS to the company and even save some money.

P.S. Did not get the FOSS saved money as a bonus. Actually….I think I didn't get some of the promised bonuses….

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