People say Linux is too hard/complex but how is anyone using Windows?


This isn’t intended to be a “hurr Linux better” post, but instead a legitimate discussion because I legitimately don’t get it. What the fuck are normal people supposed to do?

The standard argument against Linux always seems to center around the notion that sometimes things break and sometimes to recover from said broken states you need to use the terminal which people don’t want.

This seems kinda ridiculous, originally I went from dual boot to full time Linux around the time 10 first launched because I tried to upgrade and it completely fucked my system. Now that’s happening again with 11. People are upgrading and it’s completely breaking their systems.

Between the time I originally got screwed by 10 and the present day I’ve tried to fix these types of issues a dozen different times for people, both on 10 and 11. Usually it seems to manifest as either a recovery loop or as a completely unusably slow system. I’ve honestly managed to fix maybe 2 of these without just wiping and reinstalling everything which often does seem to be the only real option.

I get that Linux isn’t always perfect for everyone, but it’s absurd to pretend that Windows is actually easier or more stable. Windows is a god awful product, as soon as anything goes wrong you’re SOL. At this point I see why so many people just use iPads or android tablets for home computing needs, at least those are going to actually work after you update them.

None of this to even mention the fact that you’re expecting people to download executables off random internet pages to install software. It’s dangerous and a liability if you don’t know what to watch out for. This is exactly why so many people end up with adware and malware on their systems.

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