My Painless Journey From Windows to Linux


Yes, I don't know how i managed to do it but i am now using Linux as my daily driver without a need for windows ever. How does it happen here is my journey:

In 2011 i first came to know that their are versions of windows other than 98, XP, Vista or 7. They are Ubuntu, debian and linux. Yes, For me Ubuntu, debian and Linux were just other windows.

Yes, for me OS meant Windows. My Computer teacher never told me there exist other OSes. But i was a curious kid. When windows 7 came out i learned to install it on my Vista machine. I learned to change windows. I shared my PC with my younger sister so my adventures were limited. But over time i have tried XP, Vista and 7 multiple times.

It was now becoming boring. But one day in 2011 i came across Ubuntu. I read about it. I don't remember what i read but i know one thing i wanted to try this different window also. So i downloaded its iso. I clicked next next and there it was a new window in my PC. It was different. I liked it. In it there was no big wide taskbar. It seems the taskbars were divided into two halves one on top of the screen and one in bottom of it. It was confusing there were no start menu. But applications in top left corner meant business. I clicked and there were my applications. I knew there were applications the installer told me so about firefox and a music player. It was a different window for me. It felt it was not getting much love. Yes, It was not as shiny and polished as vista or 7 but it was good for someone who has used XP also.

I ran it for a few days and had to again reinstall windows 7 on popular demand. Come a few year later. I remembered this knew window so i will sometime search about it casually in coming days. I came to know of names like Debian, Redhat, fedora. But my tiny brain was unaware to see what they are looking from its window.

In 2013 i got my personal laptop. It had windows 8 in it. I hated it. By this time i have come to love windows 7 and desktop metaphor. Windows 8 was confusing to me. I also have come to know that XP, vista 7 and 8 are versions of Windows an OS built by Mircosoft. There are other oses also from other companies namely android from google running on my new smartphone. IOS and Mac from Apple running on my friends iphone and Mac. Now i could appreciate the big picture. My brain was out of windows now. I now appreciated different human interfaces. So, now it was easy for me to grasp that Ubuntu, debian, redhat, centOS(My Lab PC ran it) are versions of Linux. Later i came to know that linux was a kernel and these are distributions which bundled it with gnu utilities what ever they were.

I also tried the linux on and off a few times. I failed to install Debian but was successul in installing fedora and Ubuntu. I just stuck with them for my experimentation. I was still running windows on my consistently. Great thing was these distro can run from Pendrive. So in a month or so while i was feeling bored i will boot them up and try to mess with them. In 2019 I purchased a new laptop. It opened my old laptops for new adventures. So i installed ubuntu on it. It ran flawlessly. It could do everything int it that i was doing on Windows 10. I am not a gamer but a binger. So i found myself using ubuntu a lot more than windows. Every time i had a problem or question i will google and come up with the solution very quickly. Slowly i got familiar with more and more common words cp, mv, dd, rm, apt, sudo etc. They were no longer a mystery but familiar face.

One day i stumbled upon arch linux. By this time i was comfortable with difference between windows way and linux way. I was comfortable in using the commandline and terminal. I was already very comfortable with installations and partitioning. But Installing arch was like a passage of rite. I was baptized when i learned about startx and Xserver. I can't describe the feeling of using arch. It was like a small town guy visiting a metropolis on his own for first time. I learned a lot about linux ecosystem. I am now more comfartable in using a linux distro more than Windows Crap. It is not that i didn't try to go back to windows but windows 10 just push me away. I feel like we no longer love each other. Arch has shown me light. Linux pulled me out of the window of my cold secure comfortable home into a sunny warm outside world. I settled with POPOS later. If arch is a good girl than Pop is a reliable woman. Sometime back i divorced window from my new laptop and installed PopOS on it.

There is still many thing to learn about linux ecosystem. But i know more about linux know than windows. I am now more comfortable in using linux. It is more consistent than windows i do not have to rediscover it with every new release.

Now i feel why people are terrified of Linux Distros. I know why because they think it is a new window. They are in hurry. They want it to mimic windows. But it is not windows it is different. You have to appreciate its difference. Only than will you learn it. Learning linux is more rewarding than Windows. It is more consitent in its user interaface. It just needs you to appreciate it. Now it is more easy to google or duckduckgo linux troubleshooting than windows. Yes, It requires some work from you in beginning just like every new relationship. The more time you pass with it the more you stay with it.

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