My liking for Linux got me a job!


Hey! So today was a great day today. I got my first job as a website technician for a small company… which i now work for. Basically all i do is maintain the website and program small snippets of HTML and Java Script.

Job aside, i spoke the my new boss, and i was delightfully surprised when he told me the reason the other 4 people at the interview didn't get the job was because…. get this…. they didn't like linux / didn't know what it was. In the interview he asked me on my opinion on Linux, and being a large amateur user (though very much lover), i expressed a general positive opinion.

To quote him "In my personal experience, people who are fond of Linux and actually know what it is tend to be much more knowledgeable programmers".

I just wanted to say on here because i feel ecstatic about it.

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