My Interview Process Experience With Canonical


I saw a post the other day about Canonical's terrible interview process and thought I'd share my experience since I made it pretty far since I wasn't smart enough like most people to withdraw when I saw the first step 🙂

It's mostly exactly as what you will find in online reviews but some of those posts are getting older so I thought I'd echo my experience for those searching up on Google.

It started with my resume and cover letter for a software engineer position. This was pretty standard and nothing unusual. I submitted with their online portal.

After my resume was reviewed I received a clearly templated email sent from a director. Here I was asked to complete a written interview. It was almost word for word an exact copy of this post.

I replied with my answers to all the questions within the day. I tried to keep my answers brief but still ended up with about 7 pages after answering each question.

About a week after submitting my written interview I was asked to complete a personality quiz as well as a basic IQ test. These weren't terribly hard but did require about an hour of undivided attention.

The next day I was reached out to that I would be moved forward for the first interview with an actual person. I then submitted my availability and the interview was scheduled a week and a half away.

When I attended this interview it was completely behavioral but the person interviewing me was not actually part of the team I was interviewing for so couldn't really answer any questions about the position.

Shortly after the behavioral interview I was emailed instructions for a take home technical assessment which was actually a pretty fun and simple program to write. I spent a few hours on it (mostly writing tests and comments to make it look pretty). I will not post the exact question since they asked me not to share the instructions but it's easily found on Google.

About a week after I submitted my take home project I was emailed about availability for a technical interview. They then sent me two separate technical interview invites each about an hour.

At this point I am so exhausted from the process since it's been over a month of back and forth almost exclusively in email and waiting. This combined with more and more negative feedback I'm seeing online I'm most likely going to withdraw from the process and continue looking elsewhere.

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