My boyfriend is very into Linux. I know nothing about computers. I want to understand.


I know nothing. If I can use a computer or phone and it does basic tasks for me I’m all good. I currently use an iPhone and a MacBook.

My boyfriend is much more into programming. Recently he got an expensive Lenovo and has dove headfirst into this Linux stuff.

He tries to explain it to me. I don’t know what he’s saying! “Ubuntu,” “Free and Open,” “terminal.” He’s got this new software that’s not google called “Brave.” He got a Raspeberry Pie thing for Christmas. He’s so enamored with it, and wants to share it with me and make me use it, but he can’t explain it to me well enough for me to understand and when looking it up myself I can’t find many basic user friendly explanations either. Frankly, I’m a little scared of computers. Terrified of getting hacked. Anything wonky looking on my computer scares me and sometimes Linux looks, well, creepy to me. It’s definitely my lack of knowledge. I am a complete noob.

If you guys had a friend, or gf, who knew nothing about Linux or ANYTHING, how would you even begin to explain it? I want to understand the slightest bit so I don’t crush his excitement with my lack of personal understanding (editing because the first way I worded it got the point across wrong)

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