Me knowing Linux helped me land a job that has nothing to do with Linux.


Got my first IT job offer. I have zero professional IT experience. I do have a few certs. What set me apart was on my resume that I put use Linux as a daily driving OS.

Keep in mind this job HAS NOTHING to do with Linux at all.

We go through the interview, I struggled with parts then he asked "You use linux as your main operating system at home?" I go "yea". He flips his monitor around and asks me to complete some fairly trivial basic tasks. He was running Kali.

  • I had to install a program
  • I had to uninstall the program
  • I had to use a few tools on a website he gave me
  • I had to show I know basic commands of navigating around the CLI

I do those really basic tasks and then I ask "Will I be working on Linux in this job?" and he goes "In this role? No you won't be we don't use it here"

I recently got the job offer, and I was told the thing that set me apart from the other candidates was that I can use Linux. Correct the job literally has NOTHING to do with Linux at all. However he said the fact that I use Linux indicates to him I have the ability to teach myself anything that I need to learn to do the job.

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