Linux Reddit: a gift for one of your own



I don’t belong here. I’m a daughter, here for my dad. It’s possible some older folks here may have corresponded with him. Back when he was at open-source development labs with torvalds, I have memories of him on thousands of problem-solving discussion boards.

Why I’m here: my dad, a Linux guy, is in dire need of a superb birthday gift. He’s almost 70, and his work has been/is his life. I’ve gathered that a lot of inside jokes, humor, etc. is shared among his work colleagues (Linux-related development). I know there’s stuff he thinks is cool and interesting, that’s shared by people in work circles he is in, but idk what this stuff is.

And since he’s worked in different groups and startups, I have a hunch that these shared interests, jokes, etc. are more likely to do with a broader culture, of open-source developers, than any specific company? That’s what brought me here, anyway.

Because when I say a superb gift, I mean something that would surprise him, maybe funny, something more from his “world”. A gift he could actually like, perhaps chuckle at, and not just pretend to enjoy.

He is though, also, old. I’d think 3x the age of some here. So, this might be a lost cause. But, giving it a shot!

What I know about his non-computer interests, and have exhaustively used for gifts in the past: space. everything to do with space. Queen, for music. Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side. Stanley Kubrick. Red Dwarf. He liked STTNG, but more just to unwind after work. He said it was “light”.

What I know about his work circles: virtually nothing. Idk what he does. Looking at Wikipedia, and creating a timeline, he’s worked at orgs that, “created a distributed operating system building on UNIX” (in 1980s), “pioneers in high-performance symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) open systems (in 1990s),” “added enterprise capabilities to Linux (in 2000s)”. Since then, idk. All I know is it involves Linux. Does this give any clues about what is work social group is into?

Things I’m thinking: are there popular cartoon strips, that I could get him a book of? A recent movie, that people are excited about? A niche TV show that’s popular? Music? A popular mind puzzle, something he can fiddle with and solve? Around five years ago he got a ton of mophies, it felt like it was maybe a trend, anything like that now? Popular helpful devices?

I know this isn’t what this sub is for. But I have no way to connect with anyone he works with to ask them directly. He really deserves something super special. He’s an amazing dad.

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