Linux Kernel 5.16 Reaches End of Life, Users Urged to Upgrade to Linux Kernel 5.17

Linux Tux

Released a little over three months ago, Linux kernel 5.16 brought features like Collabora’s futex_waitv() kernel system call that boosts your gaming experience when playing both native Linux games and Windows games via Wine, updated Zstd (Zstandard) compression, a new fanotify event type for file system health reporting, as well as Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) support.

As of today, April 13th, 2022, Linux kernel 5.16 is marked as EOL (end-of-life) and it will no longer receive security updates as announced earlier by renowned kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman, who also released the last maintenance update in the series, Linux 5.16.20.

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