Linux is running on the surface of Mars in the Perseverance rover!


I was just listening in on the livestream of the briefing on the landing of the Perseverance, and one question that was asked about the computer hardware on the rover. To my surprise, alot of the camera, microphones and onboard computers are commercial, off-the-shelf ( as they said). As for the operating system, they were using, as you might have guessed, is Linux!

Over the years, Ive casually read about Linux, and have looked in to learning about it, and I've also had heard about Linux being used in other important projects on Earth, but I never thought about the OS being used to power such powerful, and expensive, pieces of hardware, such as the rover, and have it run on another, alien planet. I feel, after hearing this, that I want to actually want to invest time on learning about Linux.

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