Linux has changed the way I both interact with, and understand my computer. And I love it.


What makes me want to write this out at first are the Package Managers. Right now I'm testing out Windows 11, just for fun. And using Chocolatey is just WONDERFUL, it made Windows just that little bit more tolerable, I installed my Wacom drivers, Internet Browser, everything. And all that comes from when I started using Linux about 6 months ago.

And that extends to everything on my computer, I miss my terminal, my .config files and all sorts of odds and ends that I have found using Linux, because it's just simpler. Everything works as you expect it to, and if it doesn't there is always a way to change it. And I love coming back to Windows even if only for a moment, to remind me how much more powerful my computers can be, whatever the OS, whatever the interface I'm using, its so wonderful the engineering an history that comes with all of the machines we interface with everyday, I love it.

I feel like it goes to the whole Unix way of doing things… Maybe? Ever since I started on Linux, I went to BSDs, many distros, Windows XP bc… yes, why not, and even Plan 9 from Bell Labs. Bc all that history just fascinates me, and the way IT interfaces with us is just so intriguing.

What else should I explore in the world of Operating Systems? Hell maybe I should make one, one day. How cool it is to be around here.

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