Linux From Scratch – great way to learn about linux



I am using Linux for 16 years or so. Part of my job has to do with Linux servers.
But I always wanted to finish a LFS-10-systemd and today I did it. Covid and snow gave me the time 🙂
My first try was 14 years or so ago and I didn't finish it. But even then, it had teached me a lot.

What is Linux From Scratch? It is a book, not a distro. It describes step by step, how to build a Linux system. If you follow this book and everything goes right, you will have a running Linux in the end.

To my mind, it is a good way to get a feeling for Linux, you get your hands on every package, that is more or less necessary. It can be a bit boring, but if you are completely new to Linux you can learn so much about the core elements. If you get really hooked, you can dive deeper with BLFS, Beyond Linux From Scratch.
If you are not new, it can still teaches you a lot. Most of us use a distro, use some commands and we are good. LFS can give you a new perspective on Linux.
LFS will not become my daily driver, I will stuck to Debian, but I will revisit it from time to time.

To me LFS is a good way for the curious.

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