Linux App Summit 2021 starts tomorrow!


Hello Everyone! I just want to let everyone know that the conference focused on building applications for the Linux platform starts tomorrow. This marks the 5th year of the conference and we continue to expand and build more partnerships. This year marks the first time that we have representation of the big three community based distros – Ubuntu, openSuse, and Fedora. This is a big deal because going forward since we can start planning together. We talk about the Year of the Desktop – this is one of the ways to move to that goal in a tangible direction.

But we need your help – help us grow our audience, so that we can continue show that this is a conference that is becoming the central place for app developers to come and talk about building apps for Linux. The greater becomes the perception that apps are growing on the Linux platform. Join us with GNOME and KDE and a host of others.

We hope to see you there! –

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