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Nov 22, 2020, 21:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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Hmm. The 5.10 release candidates stubbornly keeps staying fairly big,
even though by rc5 we really should be seeing things starting to calm
down and shrink.

There's nothing in here that makes me particularly nervous, but in
pure numbers of commits, this is the largest rc5 we've had in the 5.x
series. Number of diff lines too, for that matter. And I can't even
claim that it's because previous rc's have been small and missing
stuff and we were just catching up.

Anyway, changes all over, and apart from it being a bit more than I'd
like, it all looks fairly normal. About half of the patch is drivers,
with the rest being fairly evenly spread out all over - architecture
fixes, filesystems, networking, self tests..

We'll have to see how this release shapes up, but I'm still hopeful
for things to calm down. Otherwise we get into uncomfortable
territory for the next release with the holiday season coming up too.

So go forth and test,


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