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Hi everyone!

I have just released LibreSignage v1.0.0, which is the latest and greatest in LibreSignage development. There have been a huge amount of new features, bugfixes, improvements and tweaks. The changelog is included below.

LibreSignage is a self hosted open source digital signage solution aimed at smaller-scale digital signage setups in schools, cafés, shops etc. Digital signage can be used for a wide range of things: Some examples include digital notice boards, advertisement displays and restaurant menus.

So what does it do?

  1. LibreSignage displays user-created content on digital signage clients. LibreSignage uses web browsers for displaying the content so you can use pretty much any computer as a client.
  2. LibreSignage has a central web interface for creating the content shown on clients and for managing various other things in the signage network.

“` Changelog:

v1.0.0 – [internal] Modularize and improve the build system. – [feature] Implement an improved configuration file loader that supports loading configuration from multiple files. – [feature] Implement functionality for building LibreSignage Docker images. – [bugfix] Fix a bug that prevented removing slide assets that didn't have a thumbnail. – [internal] Improve display animation performance by optimizing CSS and JavaScript. Browsers are now also hinted to use GPU acceleration for rendering the display. – [bugfix] Fix dialogs not appearing correctly on the documentation pages. – [bugfix] Fix a bug where adding media to user-created slides didn't work. (#27) – [feature] Implement a new tag [font] in the markup transpiler for changing fonts in slides. (#28) – [bugfix] Fix a missing class definition that caused problems when uploading files. – [bugfix] Fix a bug where the editor media uploader popup didn't close when the (X) button was clicked if an uploade had previously failed. – [feature] Allow space characters in upload filenames. – [bugfix] Implement automatic slide lock cleanup on logout. – [feature] Rewrite the web interface to use a Model, View, Controller architecture. Various JavaScript components used in the interface were also rewritten in the process. – [feature] Create a LibreSignage logo and use it throughout the web interface. – [bugfix] Fix a bug where creating more slides than what's allowed by the slide quota caused invalid slides to be left in slide queues. (issue #34) – [feature] Add a muted parameter to the markup tag. – [internal] Implement EventData to pass data and hook functions to event handlers. – [bugfix] Properly copy assets when duplicating slides (issue #33). – [internal] Remove non-working API unit tests. – [feature] Redirect users to the originally requested URL after login. (issue #41) – [feature] Check build dependency versions when building. – [feature] Implement a startup splash screen for the display page. – [feature] Implement automatic deployment of nightly builds to Docker Hub from Travis CI. – [internal] Speed up build scripts by changing how 'find' is used. – [bugfix] Fix a bug where cloning a slide with no thumbnail resulted in an error. (issue #33) – [bugfix] Fix 'Upload' button placement in the slide media uploader popup. – [bugfix] Fix various bugs where doubleclicking controls caused JS errors in the web interface. – [bugfix] Properly disable the 'Save' button after clearing password inputs in the user settings page. – [bugfix] Fix a bug where certain filetypes couldn't be uploaded in the slide media uploader. “`

If you want to give LibreSignage a spin, you can either pull it from Docker Hub (eerotal/libresignage:v1.0.0) or you can build it yourself from the sources in the GitHub repo at The master branch contains the v1.0.0 version. The GitHub repo also includes further instructions on installing/building/using LibreSignage.

Huge thanks to contributors infomaniac50 and faragher and to everyone who helped test the v1.0.0-beta-1 release and reported bugs in the GitHub issue tracker.

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