LibreOffice VS OnlyOffice VS FreeOffice VS WPS


Alright, a LibreOffice user here.

I have been using LibreOffice for past 2 years, hated it all the time because of the UI not being modern as compared to MS (not icons but simplistic design). Recently I switched to Office online like Microsoft suite and Google suite. I must say, both of these in-browser tools are nice but still don't come close to what LibreOffice has to offer (I have come across situations where I had to use LibreOffice because either of the other two didn't have the feature).

So I started looking for alternatives. OnlyOffice vs LibreOffice seems nice.

I tried these office suites currently offered on Linux (bold are my best bet),

  1. LibreOffice: Standard office suite for Linux, it just works, not very good support for docx, classic UI (new ribbon interface doesn't make it modern), better than online suites.
  2. Apache OpenOffice: Discontinued, let's not mention it at all.
  3. WPS Office: Pretty advanced alternative to MS suite, not open source, a mature project but seems not maintained.
  4. CalligraOffice: Actually KOffice, doesn't even come close to LibreOffice, slow development, difficult to switch for naive user.
  5. Gnome Office (Abiword, Gnumeric, Dia): Is is still a thing?
  6. FreeOffice: The best office suite after LibreOffice, not open source, good compatibility with MS, mature project,
  7. OnlyOffice: Web version + desktop + cloud solution available, decent compatibility with MS, mature?, new in the market.

    and also the web variants,

  8. Microsoft Office Online: nice offering but is slow and sluggish (are they using asp?), lacks many features (I can't even draw a line).

  9. Google Suite: Perfect for university students (me), good development but lacks many features.

I haven't had time to try out all the features and hence I want community suggestions. If I were to recommend one of the options to a Windows user, which one would make more sense? (The folks have hatted LibreOffice on Windows)

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